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Languages, Cultures and Visual Studies

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at the University of Exeter embraces a culturally impressive and linguistically rich world spanning several continents. Our programme covers distinct cultures in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, bringing together the wide range of expertise of our members of staff.

Our offering includes cultural modules relating to Spain and Portugal and countries as diverse as Venezuela, Peru and Brazil. We offer modules in cultural and feminist politics, postcolonial migration and film studies, medieval to modern literature, linguistic to translation studies. It is a programme designed to challenge students and nurture their potential, with the opportunity to take part in research projects.

Spanish is available for both Beginners and post A-level students; Portuguese is available for Beginners only. Our team of experienced native and non-native speakers will guide you through the process of learning and fine-tuning your linguistic skills.

Our students have a wide range of options for their international placement in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. Former students have found placements in football journalism, finance, the chamber of commerce, digital marketing and working for NGOs; English Languages Assistantships with the British Council have taken students of Spanish to Spain, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.

You can also study at one of our partner universities across a variety of cities and countries, including Madrid, Barcelona, Cordoba and Valencia in Spain, Porto and Coimbra in Portugal, as well as opportunities to study in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. For more information, please see our International Placement page.

For further information about our course and study at Exeter, please contact Dr Jon Bradbury at