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Languages, Cultures and Visual Studies


Italian at the University of Exeter offers high quality teaching within a friendly and supportive environment. We have something for all, Beginners or post-A-level students, whether you are attracted to Italy’s history or its contemporary art, design and fashion. Our modules will give students the opportunity to build up their knowledge of Italy’s captivating language and culture.

Learning about Italy and its language will be richly rewarding and will increase students’ understanding of a key player in European politics right up to the present day. Our modules will provide an insight into this nation's society and lifestyle, and we look forward to taking our students on a journey of discovery.

Students of Italian have the opportunity during their third year to spend time in Italy to improve their language, intercultural and employability skills. We have a wide range of partner institutions, including Bergamo, Naples, Padua and Venice.  Alternatively, students can apply for work with the British Council as English Language Teaching Assistants, teaching English language and culture in an Italian school. There is also the option to find a placement in an Italian company in a field of personal interest, whether that be with a world-leading fashion house in Milan, a cultural institute in Florence or a museum in Rome. For more information, please see our International Placement page.

Whatever our students choose, we will support them to get the most out of their time in the land of la dolce vita.

For further information about our course and study at Exeter, please contact Professor Luciano Parisi at