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Photo of Mr Samir Zarqane

Mr Samir Zarqane

Associate Lecturer in French (E&S)


01392 725569


I have taught a variety of courses and a range of abilities for more than ten years, which has enabled me to acquire a good understanding of the learning process. I have also developed an interest in setting up new modules, from the initial concept through to the design of the learning materials and the eventual delivery to students.

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My research interests focus on language acquisition, especially on bilingual first language acquisition and second language acquisition, with a particular interest in French and English languages and the issue of ultimate attainment in second language acquisition.

My latest research project looked into the interpretation of aspect and mood contrasts in French by adult English native speakers. The research explores issues in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) such as ultimate attainment, the Critical Period Hypothesis and also the Interface Hypothesis.


2009 Dative Constructions in English-French Bilingual and Monolingual Acquisition. MA dissertation, Sheffield, September.

2009 L'influence du Français en Afrique: regards sur l'Afrique du Nord. Francophonie 39, 21-23.

2006 Investissements Directs Etrangers: Approche Théorique des Problèmes et Enjeux pour les Pays du Sud et de l’Est de la Méditerranée. MPhil dissertation, Avignon, September.

2004 The Role of France in the Economic Integration of Morocco. MA dissertation, Avignon, May.


2018 The Fifth Colloquium on Innovation in Modern Languages Education. “Integrating Content in a Language Module to Improve Students’ Engagement and Learning”. University of Bath, 29th June.

2012 The Manchester & Salford New Researchers Forum in Linguistics. R. Wood, “The acquisition of dative alternation by German-English and French-English bilingual and monolingual children”. University of Manchester, 3rd November.

2010 The Fifth Language at the University of Essex International Postgraduate Conference. “Dative Constructions in English-French Bilingual and Monolingual Acquisition”. University of Essex, Colchester, 16th-17th June.

2009 School of English Postgraduate Colloquium, University of Sheffield. “The Structure and Acquisition of English and French Dative Constructions”. University of Sheffield, 15th May.

2008 C. O’Leary, "L'influence du français en Afrique: regards sur l'Afrique du Nord". Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, London, 1st March.

2008 Annual TESOL Convention & Exhibit, Electronic Village Fair ESP. C. Lovell, “Trading Places: Using Technology to Reverse Roles in the Classroom”. Hilton New York, New York, 5th April.

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At the University of Exeter, I mainly teach oral, written classes at degree level. I am also responsible for a plenary grammar lecture for all first year students of French.   I am interested in all aspects of language teaching. My objective is to provide students with an authentic learning experience. I am particularly interested in the following areas:
  • the impact of curriculum design on students' engagement and learning experience,
  • the development of innovative teaching practices,
  • the integration of language and content in the language curriculum,
  • the relation between second language acquisition research and classroom language teaching practice,
  • the development of e-learning resources to promote autonomy in learning.

Modules taught

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Originally from the beautiful region of Provence in south-east France, I joined the Department of Modern Languages as Associate Lecturer in French (E&S) in September 2012. I have been teaching French since 2006, mostly to undergradute students and adult learners.

Before being appointed at the University of Exeter, I taught French as a French Language Assistant at Stetson University (USA) from 2006 to 2007, Sheffield Hallam University from 2007 to 2009. I also worked as a tutor in French at the University of York from 2009 to 2012.

I hold the following degrees:

2009: MA Language Acquisition. The University of Sheffield.

2007: MA Teaching of French as a Foreign Language. Université d’Avignon.

2006: BA English Language, Literature and Civilisation. Université d’Avignon.

2006: MPhil Management and International Business. Université d’Avignon.

2004: MA Modern Languages (English and Spanish) with International Business. Université d’Avignon.

2003: BA Modern Languages (English and Spanish) with International Business. Université d’Avignon.

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