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Languages, Cultures and Visual Studies

Photo of Dr Fernando Concha

Dr Fernando Concha

Lecturer in Latino American Studies (E&S)


Spanish American fiction (20th and 21st Centuries), with emphasis in Chile and Argentina.

Spanish American writers’ reflection on craft, including comparative approaches.

Literary translation in Spanish America.

Spanish American aestheticism.

Crime and popular fiction in Spanish America, including translated popular fiction.

Contacts between English and Anglo-American literary traditions and Spanish American writing.    

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I completed both my undergraduate degree in Lengua y Literatura Hispánicas and the Magíster en Literatura in Universidad de Chile. Later on I was awarded a PhD in Hispanic Studies by the University of Warwick with a dissertation on Jorge Luis Borges’ and Ricardo Piglia’s work as editors of translated crime fiction in Argentina. I have taught in, and/or worked for, Universidad de Chile, Universidad INACAP, Warwick, and Exeter. I have also worked as a freelance literary translator (English-Spanish).

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