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Languages, Cultures and Visual Studies

Photo of  Slwa Alhammad

Slwa Alhammad

PhD Student


I am currently in a second year of PhD, started on September 2019. My research concentrated on the adaptation studies on the Arab world and the differences from the West. Through the Arabic adapted text of the American writer William Faulkner, I will explore the idea of the disappearance of the author and the rebirth of the adapter in adapted text with discussion of his role in the text. I have a Bachelor degree in English literature from IMSIU, Saudi Arabia. I gained a Master’s degree in translation English to Arabic and opposite from Salford University in Manchester. I worked as a lecturer in IMSIM for more than 6 years. I taught different levels and supervised translation projects for graduation students. I am interested in adaptation studies and their differences from translation studies as interdisciplinary and differences between adaptation and intertextuality. 

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